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The Elemancers are scholars of the elements, seeking to understand how they constitute and affect our world as well as striving to learn how to manipulate the elements according to their will. As an organization, the Elemancers are neutral - they have no particular agenda or political goals.



Elemancers are the archetypal mages or wizards, able to control the elements by willpower and underlying basic knowledge of said elements. They have a well-rounded array of magical abilities, affording them great versatility and spectacular powers.


Elemancers can use their elemental powers to wield the elements themselves in battle, and may learn several abilities that can affect multiple targets at once. They also learn many defensive elemental shielding abilities. While the University doesn't teach any non-magical combat skills, Elemancers can utilize their influence over the elements to enhance combat skills that they learn independently from general trainers or independent practice. As an example, an Elemancer might channel fire while swinging a sword for a chance to accompany a sword strike with a burst of fire.

Promotion Points

Promotion points can be earned in the following ways:

Overall Pros

  • Extremely versatile in both combat and utility via elemental magic
  • Exclusive access to wands
  • Easy access to training for the basic four elemancy skills
  • Can eventually weave more elements into a single spell than non-Elemancers, for more complex and powerful spells

Overall Cons

  • Wielding their powers causes great fatigue, requiring Elemancers to have to rest and eat more often and manage their energy more effectively
  • Training most core skills takes longer than other guilds' core skills
  • Promotions are harder to achieve
  • Overall much more expensive than other guilds


Note: While there won't be many unique offensive spells listed here, Elemancers will have access to a large variety of elemental attack spells via channeling and casting the various elements via the basic elemancy skills, and only Elemancers can attain the skill required to weave the more complicated mixed-element spells.

Guild Services

  • Private dorms for each student
  • Shop selling textbooks, wands, staffs, robes, and other equipment
  • Wands


This map might help new Elemancers find their way around the University.